Funeral Service

Many families have different ways of memorializing a loved one, and one of the ways is through a traditional funeral service. Traditional funerals are usually preceded by a visitation and viewing, followed by a funeral service and burial, entombment or cremation.

Funeral services are tailored to meet the preferences and expectations of the loved one's family and friends, as well as to the preordained desires of the deceased.


Cremation is a very personal decision, but it’s a decision that provides just as many commemorative choices as traditional interment. Some people still think that if you select cremation, you may not have a funeral, but this is not true.

Yurs Funeral Homes offer a wide range of cremation services that enable you to honor and celebrate the lives of your loved ones.

  • Traditional visitation and funeral services with the cremated remains interred in an urn, vault or cemetery columbarium
  • Private family viewing followed by religious or contemporary services and cremation
  • Private cremation and memorial services
  • Direct cremation without service
  • Scattering the cremated remains in a place that has special meaning

Please ask us about the many choices among these contemporary funerals.

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